Anderson Island

Anderson Island School
Photo: Ben Cody

The southernmost of the Puget Sound islands, Anderson Island is located just south of McNeil Island and a 20-minute ferry ride away from Steilacoom. Lesser-known and less-visited than its island neighbors to the north, this little gem offers up that quiet small-town charm that those looking for a break from the big city will appreciate.

If you come on a summer weekend, you’ll want to stop by the historic Johnson Farm, which was established in 1896 by Finnish-Swedish immigrants John and Alma Marie Johnson. Many of the old buildings remain at this landmark farm, which also functions as the site of Historical Society events.

Photo: Jennifer Boutell

Andy’s Wildlife Park encompasses 170 acres of wetlands, tidal estuary, and a forest on the island. There is an extensive trail system for hikers that is best utilized during the summer due to wet conditions, as well as a fenced, off-leash dog park.

Andrew Anderson Marine Park features a wooded trail that leads down to a beautiful tidal inlet that is a salmon nursery area and includes a 3/4 mile public beach with driftwood, shells, rocks and aquatic life.

If the weather is nice, consider a kayak trip around the island. Oro Bay and Eagle Island are popular destinations, and experienced paddlers can strike out on their own and make the 13-mile trip around the island in about four hours. You’ll need to bring your own kayak, though, as rentals aren’t available onsite.

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